We would like to express special thanks to the individuals and organizations who have shared their time, treasures and talents to publish the book and website.

Markus Amanto

Markus travels the globe helping people improve their leadership and relationships. He had the privilege of working with Melanie on several occasions.

Besides his consulting work he and his wife have also created a non-profit website that has 26 free classes about relationships at www.relationshipschool.com.

Shannon Bjerketvedt

Shannon Bjerketvedt designed the illustrations for the book. She grew up in Parkers Prairie, Minnesota and is currently an undergraduate at the University of Minnesota Duluth. Shannon is enrolled in the Art Education program with a Deaf studies minor.

She enjoys running, fishing, kayaking, and photography.

Peg Churchwell

Peg is a graphic designer and artist. Owner of Lady Dog Design, Peg has more than 25 years of diverse experience in design, marketing and special events. She has served clients in her home base of Long Prairie as well as throughout the country. Peg is also the creator of LuluTales – a line of upcycled jewelry. Her website can be found at ladydogdesign.com

She loves traveling and is an avid volunteer, gardener, dog lover, walker and recycler. She and her husband, Tim, are the parents of two wonderful teenage girls.

Kiersten Lawson

Kiersten is an editor, writer, amateur short-filmmaker and avid appreciator of literature of all kinds. Shel Silverstein's "Where the Sidewalk Ends," the first hardback book she owned (and still prizes), shaped her love of verse.

She and her man Scott are the happy domestic companions of two cats and one still-rambunctious pup; she lives in Portland, OR.


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